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Let’s start with my professional background, which has developed through a somewhat varied career path.

I started out in healthcare, co-owning and working in a large chiropractic and multi-disciplinary healthcare centre in the heart of Sydney. Our clientele were largely lawyers, accountants, politicians and high fliers in the banking sector. I saw clients repeatedly with recurrent headaches, neck and shoulder tension and all the signs of being incredibly stressed. They all worked incredibly hard and long hours, had recurrent physical health issues, were stressed and longed for peace. After six years in this position, I started to feel like a band-aid, like I wasn’t able to offer a permanent lifestyle solution for them.

After taking time out to raise a family, I decided to completely change career paths and co-founded a large Occupational Health and Safety company with clients throughout Australia and the world.

But again, after nine years in the corporate sector, I felt I had contributed all I could to help businesses make their workplaces safer, and realised my true calling was in health and wellbeing.

And so, soniaanear.com was born.


I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Physiology, a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic, and I am a qualified EMMETT Practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master and Healer. Plus, for a twist from my previous career in the corporate world, I hold an Advanced Diploma in OHS and am a qualified Lead OHS Auditor.

On the personal side, I LOVE reading – it opens me up to new concepts and fosters my creativity and growth. I also love swimming, it is part of my living mindfulness practice, and I feel truly at peace both in and around water.

I treasure the company of my friends and in particular, our long lunch tradition, spent sharing great conversation and great food with great company.

I enjoy painting in different mediums – oils, watercolours, pastels, even painting the interior of my home!

My family are very important to me, and I absolutely revel in being outdoors with my daughters – we love swimming in waterfalls, walking in the bush, camping, and enjoying the amazing environment here where we live in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

And of course I love yoga and meditation, which forms an integral part of my work and my own sense of peace and balance. 

I feel blessed with my life and I value being able to give back. I help to facilitate some truly valuable programs in my local community, including the Yoga Tools for Schools Inc. programs.

So now you know a bit about me. Why not tell me about you? Head over to my Facebook page and introduce yourself. I would love to connect.